Our Vision

Our aim to be as a trusted provider and valuable partner as a leader in redefining smart healthcare
solutions, our passion lies in providing quality, innovation and patient-focused & unique care.

Our Mission

We succeed in faith and remain keen to provide superior healthcare to individuals, families and
communities through innovation and the pursuit of excellence with our smart healthcare solutions.

Highly Experienced and Skilled management Team

Specialized In providing complete Smart healthcare Technology

Empower Business Innovative Solutions

Creating Boundless Growth opportunities

Our History

SHTS is UAE based company, covering several countries in the GCC and North Africa. SHTS is developed under the Visionary Minds and Scientific Experts who have been in the Healthcare Industry for more than 20 years of long experience in Medical Equipments, Diagnostic Laboratories, Specialized Genetic Laboratories, and Specialized Analytical Laboratories.

We are constantly & continuously evolving and improving our capability and efficiency to empower innovative solutions for Modern Healthcare.

As the healthcare trend shifting towards smartness & mobility, we adopt the most innovative path providing Smart Healthcare Solutions in which as founders we started the smart healthcare business in partnering with Samsung Healthcare Company since 2012 by designing and equipping the first of its kind SMART MOBILE LAB and SMART CLINICAL LAB in the ME.

Afterward, we have made the necessary development and improvement to come up with more types of customized smart healthcare modules to meet the demands of the markets in the GCC and North Africa, like SMART MOBILE CLINIC, SMART TELEDOCTOR, etc.

Progress & advancement in healthcare never ends which indicates promising growth with better patient outcomes.

Our well-built brand is creating boundless growth opportunities in smart healthcare solutions.

Telemedicine is one of our essential methods for taking smart healthcare to the next level.

Market Demand

Our Territory  various medical sectors are in great need for medical services quality enhancement that could be efficiently and easily delivered to patients.

According to the global medical market, the market of smart healthcare is promising and the governments are shifting their trend from conventional to smart solutions.

The greatest demand comes from the primary healthcare with increasing demand for modern and advanced cost effective smart health services.

Governments, along with the private sectors are seeking to cover and enhance the major percent of the primary healthcare sector because this sector is vital and the first essential path to improve the secondary and the tertiary healthcare and saving the unneeded extra costs and expenditure, too, the insurance companies are supporting this enhancement.

The current healthcare services provided by the PHC are conventional, basic and limited in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

they are inefficient & require more diagnosis at the secondary and tertiary levels which are expansive

Targeted Segments

The comprehensive smart healthcare solutions that provided by SHTS will be able to create more opportunities and high demand on all levels in the neglected sectors like the Primary Healthcare, school healthcare and Home Care.

The remote and rural areas are wide in the Mena especially in countries like KSA/Egypt/ Morocco/ Africa.

Corporate sector: in which establishments and factories are having significant numbers of staffs require for healthcare.

Army campuses are important segment to be served and covered.

Medical tourism can be connected with SHTS solutions.

Public areas: like shopping malls, campaigns, residential communities which they don’t have adequate PHC services and all are going to hospitals etc.

The Homecare segment which very important that governments are allocating budgets and putting plans to improve it beside the private sector in order to transfer the services to a new era of complete services not only nursery services.

Personal and preventive care in which governments are putting plans and program to enhance it.

Our Culture

SHTS Goal of delivering the best value in primary healthcare

SHTS focused on improving quality and lowering costs

SHTS commitment to stay ahead of the curve implementing new approaches

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