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SmartHealthTec Primary HelathCare Solutions

The current healthcare services provided by the Primary Healthcare Centers are conventional, basic and limited in terms of diagnosis and treatment; they are inefficient & require more diagnosis at the secondary and tertiary levels. in our region the PHC systems suffer from crowded centers, limited diagnostic facilities, lack of digital health records and low reliability.

Governments, along with the private sectors are seeking to cover and enhance the primary healthcare sector because this sector is vital and the first essential path to improve the secondary and the tertiary healthcare and saving the unneeded extra costs and expenditure.

We as SHTS, Pioneers in Complete Smart Healthcare Solutions, have crafted to enhance Primary Healthcare Capabilities by providing Complete Onsite Diagnostics & Spot Treatments Facilities with Advanced Smart Healthcare Solutions.

Primary health care is the first point of contact for health care for most people. General Practitioners who will do all the primary healthcare assessments mainly provide it. PHC are major part of the healthcare system, which plays a vital role from Urban to Rural Healthcare. Not all primary healthcare centers provide all facilities and department. This is the main cause for limited healthcare reach to remote villages and especially very low healthcare support to Women Healthcare. If PHC are well maintained with all complete healthcare facilities, it will automatically reduce burden on Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare. This enhances PHC outreach towards its vast category of patients. Hence, PHC development and keep it sustained is very essential for positive Healthcare outcomes.

  Our aim is to provide an easily accessible route for Quality Healthcare Solutions for Every class of community. This means, SHTS will shoulder the responsibilities of Complete Spot Diagnosis, Specialist Tele-Consultations, and Effective healthcare for thriving Primary Healthcare Centers.

Fully Automated Process Zero Paper Management

Perform Spot Lab Tests, Radiology Examinations integrated to any LIS / PACS.

Seamless “EMR” data flow with Secured Encrypted Transfers

Main Advantages

Conduct Local / International Tele Consultations on the Spot – HIPPA Compliance

Maintain a full Database of all patient Health Monitoring and Tracking in Seconds.

A highly Robust IT healthcare Systems which can connect Multiple PHCs forCoordinated Care Support.

Overall Enhances Potential Patient Centered Healthcare Delivery