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Remote Areas Healthcare Solutions

Remote areas are widespread in the developed countries, and these regions suffer from poverty and the low level of health services available, and governments are neglecting plans to improve health services because they are very expensive in terms of infrastructure, medical equipment and staff.

Our Company provides Complete remote healthcare solutions including Lab Diagnostic, Radiology and Teleconsultations on our smart solutions like Smart Clinic on Wheel and Smart Health Screening on Wheel, Support Preventive screening programs, Monitoring, clinical assessment, extended healthcare for NGOs/Govt, Vital Statistical patient database, vast reduction in healthcare logistics. All these advantages and benefits are only by our outstanding cost effective and smart healthcare solutions.

Limited access and internet connectivity to specialist services continues to be an obstacle to quality healthcare for remote communities around the world. Rural patients usually have less income than urban patients, thereby limiting their ability to provide treatment even if they are able to manage transportation to an urban location.

Increased access for rural communities to quality care is now a possibility. Implementing a solution can be done with ever-evolving telemedicine and internet technology and many smaller communities are figuring out ways to work with urban providers to fill care gaps and reduce the burden on a few providers covering these areas.

Our Remote HealthCare Concept

Lowering costs across the board

Allowing doctors to see & treat far more patient than ever before

Access to patient medical data from anywhere