Smart Clinic
On Wheel

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HIPAA Compliant transfer and storage of patient data


24/7 Operating your doctor always there


Connected only with licensed doctors and providers


Save the patients privacy


Costs less than a walk-in clinic doctors office


Station utilizing ultraviolet technology

We as SHTS, pioneers in providing Complete Smart Health Tec Solutions for any Healthcare Platform, either a Standalone or Complete Mobility.

SHTS is proud to announce the unique Mobility healthcare module a Smart Clinic On Wheel. We lay a new trend by providing most Advanced Mobile Healthcare Foundation. With years of professional experience and under the supervision of highly qualified Medical Experts, we created a unique Mobile Healthcare Platform – Smart Clinic On Wheel.

We have focused our resources to provide most Advanced Smart Clinic On Wheel ever, internationally collaborated and provided by international specialists and leaders in Telemedicine Solutions – USA/ and other origins), we framed this kind of setup, where we can enhance and deliver real time Tele – Consultations with spotlaboratory diagnostic solutions on wheels, where conventional methods are still facing challenges in delivering prompt Quality healthcare.

Smart Clinic On Wheel is integrated with high quality clinical management system, we integrated with world renowned Smart Diagnostic Analyzers - 2ND Generation Platform which can outclass conventional Lab systems, empowered with Highly Secured IT Connectivity systems for efficient patient data transfer (Encrypted) with seamless software infrastructure that can integrate into any LIS / Hospital Healthcare Systems. All the consultative and lab data can be managed by one platform.

SMART Clinic On Wheel Are Categorized Into 4 Different Platforms

Basic Configuration

Mid-End Configuration

High-End Configuration

High-End with Radiology Configuration

This Enables Us Providing One Spot Healthcare Solutions Anywhere … Anytime.

Scope of Service


Smart Clinic On Wheel serves as the purpose of the Mobile Healthcare Solutions:

  • The services offered can be planned out as Tele-Consultations and Spot laboratory diagnosis.
  • Digital Health records for all patients will be maintained to monitor the program and to facilitate follow-up treatments.
  • The Various Modules of the Smart Clinic On Wheel Solution is customized to be affordable to meet the capability of the customer which offers a certain diagnostic services in both the Telemedicine and lab.

Safety Features


  • All our Diagnostic instruments are CE / FDA Certified and passed with highest quality and electrical safety testing.
  • Tele Medicine Station is FDA Certified with highest quality and safety features implemented into every accessory used inside Tele medicine station.
  • All interior finishing’s are medical grade fiber / anti-bacterial / anti corrosive materials

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