Smart Health Screening
On Wheel

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SmartHealthTec Health Screening On Wheel


24/7 Healthcare Monitoring Digital Reports For Urgent Care Statistical Database Effective Healthcare Protocols, Quality Army Healthcare Services


Anemic Screening, Lipid Screening Allergy Screening, Diabetic Check Respiratory Disorders Check Complete CBC Profiling. Metabolic Assessment Hormonal Screening, ENT and Dental Complete Ultrasound Check


On the Spot Diagnosis Spot Vitals Assessment Specialist Tele-Consultation Instant Treatment Procedures Digital Health Check

Smart Health Screening On Wheel Are Categorized Into 3 Different Platforms

Basic Configuration

Mid-End Configuration

High-End Configuration

SHTS considers healthcare for women must be an essential part in our society. Early cancer screening is very mush recommended by WHO. Hence, be an integral pioneer for such requirements. SHTS has developed Smart Health Screening on Wheel.


Smart Health Screening on Wheel specifically custom built integrated with world renowned Smart Mammography Systems / Ultrasound, Advance Lab Hormone analyzers and Tele Medicine to give Spot Tele Radiologist Decisions.


Advance patient data transfer (Encrypted) with seamless software infrastructure that can integrate into any HIS / Hospital Healthcare Systems.

This Enhances Us Providing Quality Women Healthcare Solutions. Anywhere… Anytime.

Scope of Service


Smart Health Screening On Wheel serves as the purpose of the Mobile Healthcare Solutions:

  • The services offered can be planned out as Spot laboratory diagnosis.
  • Digital Health records for all patients will be maintained to monitor the program and to facilitate follow-up treatments.
  • The Various Modules of the Smart Health Screening On Wheel Solution is customized to be affordable to meet the capability of the customer which offers a certain diagnostic services in the lab.

Safety Features


  • All our Diagnostic instruments are CE / FDA Certified and passed with highest quality and electrical safety testing.
  • All interior finishing’s are medical grade fiber / anti-bacterial / anti corrosive materials