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SmartHealthTec Pharmacies Solutions

What if you could easily drop a small doctor’s office in the nearest pharmacy with staff available 24/7 ?

That’s what SmartHealthTec aims to do, only virtually: its interactive telemedicine kiosk contains private video booths that allow physicians to remotely take vital signs and diagnose conditions, and includes a robotic mini pharmacy that can dispense medications.

The medical unit is designed to be set up almost anywhere. The station can provide life-size, eye-level consultations via large video screens—with high-definition and thermal cameras allowing a doctor to inspect patients’ eyes, ears, nose and throat, or any skin lesions, for example—plus hardware for measuring their height, weight and blood pressure.

When it comes to delivering a comprehensive doctor/patient encounter via telemedicine, sometimes our phone just isn’t the answer, “We need the accuracy provided by a live face-to-face visit using the latest diagnostic tools, and the ability to receive medication all in one sitting”.

What if there is a specialist doctor at your needs on your neighborhood pharmacy, instead of going to the hospital you can easily access your doctor while you visit the pharmacy.

SmartHealthTec pharmacy solution help patients achieve the best possible outcomes through a smarter combination of innovative service and compounding expertise.

Our Pharmacy solution mission is to ensure patients achieve optimal outcomes by providing smart, innovative, and cutting edge medication management services
So that they can get diagnosis ,treatment and prescription only in one visit .