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SmartHealthTec School Care Solutions

It can be difficult for parents to leave work to pick up a sick child at school – and many disadvantaged children have unresolved medical issues that impact their academic performance, however with telemedicine is used by school-based health centers (SBHCs) to build safe futures for all students.

Children with chronic conditions can be treated at school. Parents can participate in the virtual visit from work. Injuries and illnesses are treated faster. Classroom contagion is minimized. At-risk students can receive counseling. Low-income students can receive consistent care. Students perform better in class and are more likely to graduate.

With the use of SHTS SMART TELEDOCTOR, people in near vicinity, can get their Doctor Consultations / Lab Diagnostic Tests / Radiology Examinations on-site.

To enhance and empower healthy lifestyle among schools, we have devised a unique smart solutions integrated with advance Diagnostic and Telemedicine tools to provide vital preliminary assessment to student for any types of illness on the spot.

Real Time Specialist Tele Consultation can be very essential for giving treatment from Acute to Chronic patients. This helps in providing spot health care treatment and improved lifestyle plans. Health Authorities can regularly monitor and access Student Digital Health Records anytime

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